About Hemlock and Birch

Hemlock and Birch Environmental Services LLC was founded on April 3rd, 2020 while Michigan was under quarantine orders during the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Owner and Forester, Patrick Diedrich, understood that even though humanity was experiencing unprecedented circumstances, we still needed to be vigilant stewards of our natural resources.  And there are few places in the United States with the abundance of awe-inspiring natural communities as those which are found around the Great Lakes region.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is unique in many ways, and it is hard to travel through this beautiful place without noticing our stunning forests.  Even the trees themselves have special qualities that are not found in other regions.  Eastern Hemlock, a long-lived evergreen tree darkens the forest floor with its thickly needled boughs.  Growing along side of them is the shorter lived Yellow Birch, a broad-leaved tree that attracts birds and butterflies with the sweet sap beneath its bark.  Surprisingly, these two starkly different species are often connected beneath the Earth by the roots with the help of a vast network of entrepreneurial fungi.  Through this network, the two trees can exchange nutrients and help each other grow.

Our company views this symbiotic relationship as the perfect depiction of the interconnected relationship between Man and Forest, Forest and Community, Community and Man.  Hemlock and Birch Environmental Services was founded to model this symbolism and to help manifest the realization that when we all work together, entire ecosystems can thrive.